Human Interact was started in 2016 by Emmy Award-winning producer and creative director, Alexander Mejia. His goal: To create high-quality experiences in virtual reality.

We are a human-focused company. Instead of asking, “What can you do for Human Interact?”, we ask, “What can we do to help you achieve your goals?” When employees’ goals are aligned with ours, we become a stronger, more effective team.

We can't reach our milestones if employees can't achieve their own. So in practice, we max out at 6.5 hour deep workdays, encourage exercise during work hours, pipeline and scope work out before committing to schedules, and offer life coaching and personal training for team members. When opportunities arise that require long hours, everybody is on point to help the team, because the team has met their needs. This way of working helps us complete our product more efficiently, with less waste.

We believe in fostering purpose, not forcing crunch. We provide a livelihood, not merely a paycheck.

When humans come first, everything else follows.


Alexander Mejia

Founder & CEO

Sophie Wright

Co-Founder & COO

Adam Nydahl

Chief Technology Officer

Frank Petreikis

Chief of Sound Design

David Kuelz

Character Designer

Ted K. Pagonis

Web Developer