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Starship Commander is a virtual reality title driven by human speech. The audience is given agency in the middle of a sci-fi story, as part of a military embroiled in a dark intergalactic war. You’re in command of a secretive mission, and your decisions have deadly consequences.

Starship Commander is powered by Custom Speech Service, a speech recognition solution by Microsoft Cognitive Services. Audiences are able to interact with the characters the same way they would in the real world: By using natural language to ask questions and express their thoughts.

Tagline: What Will You Say?


Starship Commander Announce Trailer

Microsoft & Human Interact: Players control the narrative in Starship Commander


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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Alexander Mejia

Founder & CEO

Sophie Wright

Co-Founder & COO

Adam Nydahl

Chief Technology Officer

Frank Petreikis

Chief of Sound Design

Zachary Burke

Senior Software Engineer

Steve Holt

Concept Artist

Jose Vazquez

Concept Artist


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