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Sergeant Sarah Pearson, motivated to serve humankind, Joined P.E.A.C.E at age 17 right before the end of the first intergalactic war against the ferocious enemy, the Ecknians.  Years later as Person graduated top of her class, the Ecknians signed a cease-fire agreement,  crushing her hopes of serving in the first intergalactic war.  Determined that war would be inevitable, Sergeant Pearson continues to prepare for war by training new pilots. 

Her ship of choice, the DR-33, P.E.A.C.E’s oldest fighter still in commission, may look old, but in the hands of skillful pilots like Pearson, dominate the battlefield due to it’s overall speed, flexibility in customization, and ability to handle tight corners in a fierce dogfight.


  • Works with all accents
  • No controller needed
  • Works in noisy environments


Interject your self into the story by speaking to the characters.  Using natural language processing technology developed in conjunction with Microsoft, Starship Commander: Arcade’s characters respond to your every question, reaction, and command.  



Included with Starship Commander: Arcade is a behind the scenes documentary called Passion at All costs chronicling the development of this groundbreaking project during the start of the second VR wave starting from 2015 to 2020.   




Why do I need an Internet connection to run STARSHIP COMMANDER: Arcade?

The AI systems Microsoft hosts are only capable on an Azure cloud server, and are not available to run locally.   We would love to be able to run these locally (trust us, we asked), but this is the current state of Natural Language Processing.


How fast does my internet need to be to play the game?

The overall streaming bandwidth you’ll use for the game is about 98 killobits per second to upload your voice to be sent in real time to the servers and text is returned to the game.  While that’s tiny amount of overall bandwidth, your audio is sent in a low latency mode thats more susceptible to packet loss similar to internet conference calls.  We have successfully run the game over LTE shared connections but if your wifi or LTE connection is already spotty for real time communications like Skype and Discord Calls, you may experience issues playing our game.


Are you listening to my audio?

Nope.  The audio from your microphone is only sent to Microsoft’s servers.  Human Interact does not have access to the audio, and the audio is subject to Microsoft’s data retention policies.  Microsoft gives us access to the text transcriptions for up to 30 days and they may be inspected by us when a bug is reported by players.


Can I play this game without a VR headset?

Yes, however it was designed first and foremost to be played in VR.  You will need to play on headphones with an attached microphone for the best possible experience as we tweaked Starship Commander: Arcade visually and audibly for VR headsets which have dedicated headphones and microphone.  You will also need to turn off any microphone processing your OS does to limit or reduce noise, as this will affect smaller statements like numbers and letters, and the quick Yes or No possibly being filtered out and never sent for processing.